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Lynn Panting Dance

"Dance is my heart. I am deeply committed to the growth of creativity and self-confidence through movement. I believe that dance is for

every body and my goal is to make my classes a safe space for dancers to express themselves as well as to learn technique."


LPD is a small studio that concentrates on technique, dance history, creativity, musicality, and self-expression, informed by body alignment and kinetic facility. I believe in community building and storytelling through dance. I believe that each individual learns differently and that getting the best out of each student requires a variety of methods and techniques.


Lynn Panting has been teaching dance for almost two decades. Prior to opening her own studio she taught for Blackmore Dance and was the lead dance instructor as well as the Director of Arts for MAX Arts Athletics Wellness. Panting was shortlisted for ArtsNL's Arts Educator of the year in 2013 and has worked in dance outreach programs throughout the province through ArtsNL's Art Smarts program and through DanceNL. Several of Lynn's students have gone on to careers in dance and the performing arts, while others are teachers, lawyers, occupational therapists, musicians, copywriters, chefs, architects, visual artists, archaeologists, retailers, parents, fashion designers, scientists, wellness practitioners, technicians, and all around good people. She is so proud of each one of them.

LPD Important Dates​
  • September 14- Open House

  • September 21-First Day of Classes

  • December 20- Christmas Break 

  • January 4- Classes Resume

  • April 9- Easter Break

  • April 23- Classes Resume

  • May 18- LPD Spring Recital

  • May 29 Last Day of Classes ​​​

2019-2020 Schedule 


10:00-10:45 Wee Dance 

10:45-11:30 6-9 Ballet

11:30-12:15 6-9 Jazz

12:15-1:00 9-12 Ballet

1:00-1:45 9-12 Modern

2:00-2:45 12-14 Ballet

2:45-3:30 12-14 Modern

3:30-4:30 Teen Ballet

4:30-5:30 Teen Modern


10:00-2:00 Competetion Choreo


4:00-4:45 9-14 Pre-Pointe 

4:45-5:30 9-14 Jazz

5:30-6:15 9-14 Hip Hop 

6:30-7:30 14+ Ballet Technique

7:30-8:30 14+ Body Conditioning 


4:00-5:00 14+ Pointe

5:00-6:00 14+ Latin

6:00-7:00 14+ Jazz

7:00-8:00 Adult Ballet 

8:00-9:00 Adult Modern


4:00-5:00 Jr Competition Team 

5:00-6:00 Sr Competition Team

LPD Dance Class Etiquette


1. Be Kind

  • LPD promotes a positive & respectful class atmosphere for every dancer 

  • If someone is struggling, help them (especially if they are younger or less experienced than you)

2. Be Prepared

  • Come to class ready to work

  • Arrive early and stretch beforehand 

  • Bring a snack and some water

  • Make sure you have everything that you need for class including the correct footwear

3. Dress the Part

  • Hair must be secured neatly away from the face for all classes. 

  • Hair must be worn in a bun for ballet classes.

  • Proper bodywear (allowing visibility of the"big joints": shoulders, hips, knees and ankles) is always required.

  • Sweatpants, sweatshirts and T-shirts are not permitted post warm up.

  • Jewellery is not worn in class.

  • No "street shoes" are permitted in the studio. 

4. Show Don't Tell

  • No talking during class, if you’re talking, you and your classmates can’t hear the important instructions & corrections 

  • Always pay attention even when you’re waiting on your turn. You don’t want to get caught slouching or looking bored. And don’t ever sit down unless you’re asked to

5. Be thoughtful

  • Let other dancers go first in line 

  • Allow someone else to take your place in the front row

  • Give your teacher enough space to teach and respect their personal dance space

  • Do not stand in front of your dance teacher or class assistant

  • If you have to leave class, do so after the music stops


6. Say thank you

  • All classes end with a “thank you”